The Office of the Solicitor General in Bryan County, Georgia is an elected position set by four-year terms. This office prosecutes criminal misdemeanors, traffic violations, and violations of county ordinance in State Court. Examples of these offenses include: simple battery and family violence battery; simple assault; shoplifting; criminal trespass; driving under the influence; speeding; and other traffic related violations. The Solicitor General may negotiate pleas and invite eligible cases into the Pretrial Diversion Program and Family Violence Court Program, in lieu of a criminal conviction.

Don Montgomery is Bryan County’s Solicitor General and is currently serving his second term. Mr. Montgomery’s experience and background enables him to view cases from a unique perspective. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Montgomery began his law enforcement career as a police officer. During his time at the police academy, he was awarded the marksmanship award and graduated second in his class. During his career as a police officer, Mr. Montgomery was awarded the Veterans of Foreign Wars Police Officer of the Year Award. While serving as a police officer, he worked to further his career by attending law school. After retiring from the police force, he began his position as a state prosecutor. Serving in the Office of Bryan County Solicitor General, Mr. Montgomery has made a positive impact on the community by implementing the Pretrial Diversion Program and co-founding the Bryan County Family Violence Court Program with Judge Billy Tomlinson.

Don Montgomery

Bryan County State Court Solicitor General

Tara Floyd

Office Manager for the Bryan County State Court Solicitor General

Kailey Statham

Administrative Assistant to the Bryan County State Court Solicitor General