The Bryan County State Court established a Family Violence Court Program (FVCP) to serve the citizens of Bryan County. This is a response to the increase in numbers of victims and families that have been affected by family-related violence in recent years. This is only the 5th such program in the State of Georgia, the very first in Southeast Georgia, the first in any county south of Macon, and the first in any non-metro county. Participation in the FVCP is an opportunity for first-time offenders of a family/domestic violence charge to earn a change in adjudication status of their eligible charges upon completion of special terms and conditions.

Under the terms of this post-conviction Program, participants must enter a plea of guilty to one or more of the charges at the time of entering the program; however, sentencing will be withheld. Participants who successfully fulfill the special conditions, which are set forth in written Participant Agreement/Special Conditions, will return to court and the State will, on the record, move to withdraw the plea of guilty and dismiss the eligible charges and the record for those charges will be restricted. However, should a participant be arrested for a criminal offense during the term of the program or fail to fully complete the program terms and conditions, he/she will come back to court and be sentenced by the court on the plea of guilty. To determine eligibility for the FVCP, you may email copies of your charges to and

Family Violence Court Program Packet